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Although his work is mainly pictorial, he has also created work in installation, object and performance formats where he explores the nature of human behavior in relation to the environment that surrounds them from a critical perspective, generally narrated from humor, cynicism and ridiculous. In his most recent work and through a series of portraits of sculptures in public spaces such as parks and gardens (most of them in Mexico City) J.G.O invites the viewer to reflect on the ephemeral nature of human existence and our need to transcend through the creation of sculptures and monuments, most of these made with durable and non-perishable materials such as marble, bronze or cement. At the same time, as they are surrounded by a vegetal environment such as trees and plants that degrade and disappear over time as happens with our bodies, a counterpoint is generated between the ephemerality of life represented by the vegetation versus the permanence of the inorganic, represented by monuments and statues, simple human creations that attest to our fleeting passage through the world.

"I just follow my instincts". I like to walk the path of painting as a portraitist of ideas; group them together, giving them the freedom to transform into something else."

Javier Gutiérrez Orrico

Argentina, city of Córdoba, 1973.

He lives and works in Mexico City since 2002.

He graduated from the School of Arts of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina in the year 2000, with a Bachelor's degree in Painting. Professor of drawing at CENTRO, University of design, cinema and television, Mexico city.


Main collective exhibitions:

2019    MAPA, contemporary art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2018    Auction, Fundación Pasos, Museo de la Bola, Mexico City.

2013    Fátima Square Cultural Center, Monterrey, México.

2013    Ser o no sur, José Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City.

2013    Fade Away and Radiate, Hotel W, Mexico City.

2013    Primate Gallery, Mexico City.

2013    GAMEX Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan.

2013    Lo negro por lo amarillo, Antena Estudio Gallery, Mexico City.

2012    En el jardín de los herbarios del Rey, Nina Menocal Gallery - Mexico City.

2012    Zona MACO, Mexico City.

2012    Arco, Madrid, Spain.

2011    ¿Qué me ve, joven? Tribute exhibition to the 100th anniversary of the birth of               

             Cantinflas, Cineteca Nacional de México.

2011     Arco, Madrid, Spain.

2010    Volta 6, Basel, Switzerland.

2010    Arco, Madrid, Spain.

2009  Pop Up, Arcade Art And Edition, New Farm Brisbane, Australia.

2009.  Art Sydney, Arcade Art and Editions, Sydney.

2009.  Cancerbero, Andrea Pozzo Gallery, Iberoamerican University, Mexico City.

2009   Arco, Madrid, Spain.

2008   T20 Gallery, Femaco, Mexico City.

2008   Revolución Industrial, University Museum of Science and Art (MUCA Roma),

              Mexico City.

2000. Córdoba Despierta, Rolotti Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.

2000  Constantini Awards, 4th Edition, National Museum of Fine Arts

             Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2000  Sacred Art VIII Biennial, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Main Solo Exhibitions:

2023   Entre espinas y perfumes, Orizaba 161, Mexico City.

2023   Historias y no temáticas, Planta 1, Madrid, España.

2019    Latitude 19º, PICADILLY Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina.

2016    Artspace Gallery, Mexico City.

2012    T20 Gallery, Murcia, Spain.

2011     Museum of Contemporary Art, Caja de Burgos, Spain.

2009   T20 Gallery, Art Chicago next, USA.

2008   Mexican Landscape of Hate and Toys, Molinos del Río, Murcia, Spain.

2006   Galapagos Park, Estudio Antena Gallery, Mexico City.

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